Your Website, Your Business

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We build websites for our clients, we ensure they meet web standards, we do what a client’s budget allows us to do.

However, once we hand over a website, the website marketing is up to you, the client.

Unless you want to spend big dollars in some cases buying sponsored ads on Google, then you must be prepared to put int some hard work.

Look at your online business as the biggest investment you will make. By this I mean, you have outlaid what you could afford to get a website presence, but the web developer has done their job once you are happy and signed off on your website.

Web designers and developers do not put in endless extra hours of unpaid work marketing your website, this is your job, unless of course you have paid a maintenance/marketing agreement for this to be done.

Many clients of ours spend time networking and using social media to bring their website into the faces of the masses. But again, you must be prepared to do this.

Having a website, reminds me of the old adage, ” I will build it and they will come”! No way!!!

If you are going to solely rely on your website to earn you an income, then you must be prepared to outlay some money for good SEO, paid Google Ads and be prepared to spend time marketing yourself and website.

Just having a website online without you doing anything once it is completed, is not enough.

Please remember, that web designers and developers can only do what you are prepared to pay for. The success of your website is up to you!