Hosting and Domain Renewals – What YOU need to know!

Please note that it is in your best interest to ensure your domain and hosting accounts are paid for in a timely manner.

Our terms and conditions for payment of hosting and domain accounts apply to all clients of JK Web Development Services (


1. When do you send Renewal Notices for Hosting and Domain accounts?

All renewals and reminders are sent by email.

It is the client’s (your) responsibility to ensure we have your most current email on our files at all times.

Renewals are sent out around 25 days prior to expiration by email. A second reminder is then sent 10 – 5 days prior to expiration. The last reminder prior to expiration will provide a link for payment to be made by credit card if you are in the last 5 days before expiration.

Payment will only be accepted at this late stage by Credit Card, paid through PayPal. The link for this payment is here.

2. Why do we have to make payment 5 days prior to expiration?

1. The ensure clearance of cheques or transfer of funds between banks if paying by Internet banking payments.

2. It can take up to 5 days to update the global registry.

3. What happens if I don’t pay on time?

Your account will be terminated without further notice.

You are given adequate time to organise and make payment.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure payment is made in a timely manner.

4. Will you renew my hosting and domain if I haven’t got payment to you in time?

NO. We do not provide credit on hosting and domains. Refer to # 3 above.

5. If I don’t pay by expiration date and then decide to pay some time later is this possible?

If payment is not received by the expiration date, then you decide to renew after the expiration date, a fee of $50 will be added to your renewal fees for the reinstatement of your account.

Your website will not be made live until payment has cleared through to our business bank account.

If payment is not received as per our terms of trade, your domain name (if purchased through us – excluding domains) will only be held for 10 days before it is released back to the public pool of domains.

Please note that on the actual date of expiration your domain (and hosting) will go off line. If you decide after 10 days to renew the domain, you will then need to try to secure the domain name back yourself.

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