SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)!

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)! We have all probably heard of it, and really how much do you know? When writing a the textual content for a webpage, the key to good SEO is “keyword rich content”!

The more emphasis on what you are selling, promoting, informing etc is so important. No point having a webpage if you don’t take the time to put in strategical “keywords” that will lift your placing in search engines.

Take the time to look at your current webpages. Do they look lack lustre in keywords for the items you are selling or the services you are promoting on your site? Remember, you are the only one who knows your business better than anyone, including me. Take the time to review your textual content, and see if you can improve upon what you have.

Search Engines will serve up to a searcher web pages that have good keywords and fits the search criteria.

If you are selling a particular book for example about cupcake baking, write a list something like:

how to cook cupcakes, all you need to know about cake baking, cookbook, cakes, baking cakes, baking cupcakes, cake decorating, cupcakes for kids.

Then look at the words you have listed and rewrite your content based on those keywords you have taken the time to jot down.

Another idea is to look at your search stats and check the words people have used to find your website. Then again, incorporate these keywords into your content.

REMEMBER: Keyword rich content is king. This is what search engines love on a website. The more you serve up, the better search engines will rank you.