Domain Name Registrar Scams

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Don’t be duped by scammers. If you are one of our clients and not sure, contact us and we will confirm your suspicions

Many of our clients have been duped by rogue domain registrars, purporting to be the registrar of your domain name, and sending you an invoice either through the mail, or via email.

Firstly, if you you paid for a hosting and domain package through (JK Web Development Services), then all invoices will come from us 30 days prior to expiration of these services.

The worst offenders are as follows:

Domain Registry of America – Read more here:  They will post you an invoice, but if you read it carefully!!! If the domain name registration amount is excessive, and you have to pay via credit card and send the details back to America/Canada, you have been scammed.

Domain Registry of Europe – same as above.

Then you got some scammers emailing you an invoice for a domain name similar to what you have with a fee of say $275 per year to register! NOW come on folks, we know that .com domains don’t cost that much to register or renew yearly.

Then there are the emails from China that go something like this. Click the image below to see how they try and scam you:

China Domain Scam

China Domain Scam

More information about the China Domain Scammers, can be read here:

If you get an email similar to the one above about your domain, IGNORE AND DELETE. Do NOT enter into any correspondence. Alternatively, send me their email and we will contact them very “nicely” to stop their scamming!

Take caution, and if you are not sure, PLEASE email us or telephone us asking if the renewal invoice you received is legit.

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